Healthcare Assistance

Our assistance with commended workers’ health care needs can be traced back to Stewards Foundation’s ownership of hospitals in its early years. These hospitals were used to further the work of the Gospel and provide needed medical services in communities where there was a lack of quality health care facilities.

An added benefit was providing low cost or free health care to commended workers and their families at one of the Stewards Foundation hospitals. The sale of these facilities in 1982 caused Stewards Foundation to look for another means of helping commended workers with the cost of health care.

The Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP) was established in the mid 1990’s as a way of continuing to help commended workers with health care. From 1995 to 2017, $15,000,000 was given to workers in HCAP through their commending assemblies. Stewards Foundation continues to help commended workers by devoting a portion of our net profit for health care funding.

Interest proceeds from our loans are the primary funding source for health care funding. This makes the Loan Program a vital part of Stewards Foundation’s ability to support those serving the Lord.

The 100% Pass-Thru Fund was established by Stewards Foundation in 2009 to augment the funds derived from loans. Anyone can directly support HCAP by sending funds to Stewards Foundation for the 100% Pass-Thru Fund. All funds designated in this manner are used to supplement the annual HCAP gift; no portion goes towards Stewards Foundation expenses.

Please contact Stewards Foundation for more information on HCAP or the 100% Pass-Thru Fund.