Purpose & Philosophy

Stewards Foundation is a 501(c) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to serving assemblies of Christians located in the United States that gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone, and that function in the pattern found in the New Testament. Stewards Foundation’s unique ministry focuses on those assemblies described by our Statement of Faith and Service Guidelines.

Non-profit foundation membership is strictly legal in nature, giving non-profit foundation member assemblies the opportunity to elect Trustees to the Stewards Foundation Board, receive the Annual Report, and transact such other business as may be properly brought before the Annual Member’s Meeting. Stewards Foundation is not a governing body seeking to exercise control over autonomous local churches or their elders who are responsible to the Lord Jesus Christ alone for their oversight in the assembly.

Our programs define the services offered to non-profit foundation member assemblies:

Loan Program

Since 1945, Stewards Foundation has invested in the Lord’s work by lending money to assemblies for the purchase of buildings, construction of new facilities and the renovation of existing structures. These competitive loans are secured by mortgages on chapel properties where Stewards Foundation holds a first lien position. We also offer competitive terms for refinancing existing loans. Over the years, Stewards Foundation has loaned millions of dollars to support the assemblies in establishing local testimonies in their communities. Our dedication to the Loan Program remains strong, as we desire to carry on the founders’ original purpose.

Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP)

For many years, Stewards Foundation has supported eligible, full-time commended workers and their families with the expense of health care. Initially, this assistance was provided through free medical care at hospitals owned by Stewards Foundation. From 1995 to present, assistance with health care cost has been in the form of an annual gift through the worker’s commending assembly. HCAP is funded primarily by proceeds from the Loan Program. Assemblies or individuals can contribute directly to HCAP through the 100% Pass-Thru Fund. Gifts made to this fund are funneled directly to HCAP with no reduction taken for overhead.

Planned Giving Program

Stewards Foundation offers the opportunity for individuals in the assemblies to establish Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts as a means of investing in the Lord’s work. We have partnered with Believers Stewardship Services to provide a range of giving and financial planning services.

Stewards Foundation’s purpose in making these Programs available to assemblies is to serve the Lord’s people in carrying out the ministries to which He has called them. Our objective is to live up to our name as being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by the Lord (I Corinthians 4:2). Our earnest desire is that the Lord Jesus Christ will receive all of the glory for anything that may be accomplished through Stewards Foundation (Psalms 115:1).