Stewards Foundation has long been a trusted source for loans to New Testament patterned assemblies. But we are more than just a lender; we are a trusted resource for loan related matters.

Purchasing property or a building, constructing or remodeling a building can be challenging and time consuming. Getting through the maze of regulations and requirements is daunting, not to mention the myriad of questions that arise in such a venture. Our in-house architectural and construction experience is available to assist in navigating through this labyrinth.

The stewardship responsibility of assembly leaders requires careful, well thought out decisions. Being responsible for a project that involves assembly funds is much different than one using personal funds. Our staff is prepared to assist your assembly before you begin the decision making process. We can answer your questions, or provide the questions for you to ask yourself and others before a financial commitment is made with long-term implications.

Call us before you begin planning your project. Let us be a part of your team from start to finish!