Informational Seminars

Stewards Foundation conducts seminars as a means of informing assemblies about our history and services.  We generally coordinate these presentations with two other assembly service organizations: Believers Stewardship Services and Assembly Care Ministries.

An effort is made to hold these seminars in areas that have several assemblies close enough to benefit from the event.  This also allows us to be efficient in using funds designated for public relations.

Seminars are held on a Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  We begin with a Meet-N-Greet time over coffee and doughnuts followed by Power Point presentations, a short break, and a general question and answer session to conclude the event.  Lunch is provided for all who wish to stay.  The organization representatives make themselves available after lunch to those with more in-depth questions.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the work of these organizations, and the wide range of services offered is encouraged to attend. In particular, a seminar may benefit:

  • Any assembly considering a building purchase or construction project, or that may have questions about the process of such an undertaking
  • Anyone that has questions about financial and estate planning
  • Elders interested in protecting the assembly from current legal issues
  • Those interested in ways to keep in touch with North American assemblies
  • Those responsible for the care of commended workers

There is no cost to the host assembly; all expenses are covered by the presenting service organizations.  Stewards Foundation coordinates publicizing the event to area assemblies.  Contact us for more details if your assembly is interested in hosting an informational seminar.

Upcoming Seminars

  • September 16, 2018

    This year's Annual Members Meeting will held at Germantown Christian Assembly in Philadelphia, PA beginning at 9:00 AM. Following the Annual Members Meeting, presentations will be made by Stewards Foundation and Believers Stewardship Services on their history and services. All attendees are invited to stay for lunch following the presentations.